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Discover the safest way to drink water.

Problem we face

Currently, one in three people worldwide lacks access to clean drinking water, resulting in diarrheal illness becoming the leading global cause of death. Despite the potential solution offered by water filters, their prohibitive cost remains a significant barrier to addressing this critical issue.


Our Solutions

EnnoPure pioneers advanced water purification and treatment technologies, reshaping drinking water and wastewater management.

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Revolutionizing water safety with its cutting-edge electro-disinfection technology. Dive in to discover how we achieve an extraordinary 99.999% disinfection rate.

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The breakthrough in heavy metal removal that selectively rids water of harmful metals while preserving essential minerals for your well-being. Explore how e-HMR sets the gold standard for water purification, ensuring both safety and health in every drop.


This game-changer in disinfection technology creates high-concentration hydrogen peroxide instantly. With eco-friendly, resource-efficient production, it's the future of clean water you can't afford to miss. Explore how eH2O2 transforms water treatment today.


Our History


Stanford Beginnings

Utilizing cutting-edge nanotechnology, Professor Cui's laboratory at Stanford University has pioneered groundbreaking water disinfection techniques poised to address the global clean water crisis. These disinfection technologies have earned recognition as one of the "world's top 10 technology breakthroughs."

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The disinfection and heavy metal removal technologies were incubated at EEnotech, Inc., a technology incubator established by Professor Cui with the mission of commercializing innovations from Stanford University. Furthermore, the lab continued to pioneer and refine additional advanced disinfection and heavy metal removal technologies.

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The Growth

Pushing the boundaries of purification science, Professor Cui's laboratory has not only developed but also patented multitude of innovative technologies designed to eliminate hazardous heavy metal and organic compound contaminants from water. Additionally, they have devised a more cost-effective and efficient method for producing hydrogen peroxide.

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